Homeopathy for Systolic murmur.

case study

March 16, 1872. Mr. —, caught cold by changing his dress. For five days, frequent desire to swallow saliva, but often cannot do it, and it then causes a choking in throat. Can swallow food and drink. When this comes on, heart beats quicker, and he feels weak. At first this came on only at night, but today by day also. When lying on right side, heart feels suspended to left ribs, and seems dragging them to right side. This morning pain as if lower lobe of right were adhering to ribs. With the choking is difficulty of breathing. For three nights has only been able to sleep sitting up, because otherwise, the saliva would run down throat. Heart’s action irregular and tumultuous. Systolic murmur heard loudest at apex. Kali-carb. M, one dose at 10 P. M.

March 17, 5 P. M. : Throat nearly well. Slept well, and could lie down. Heart quiet all night and ever since. No pain at chest Auscultation shows heart to be regular and quiet, and systolic murmur less. Stronger.

Sometime afterwards, he consulted an eminent West-end allopathic physician for a diagnosis. He told him the heart was sound. There was undoubtedly a systolic murmur when I examined him, and he had been refused by a life insurance company though his health had otherwise been good Therefore. Kali carb. must have the honor of curing a systole murmur.

A case from the clinic of Dr. Berridge.
Source : Hahnemannian Monthly. 1874.




  1. kali carb for systolic mumur amazing I just used it for backache how dr know about that there will be kali carb which were the syptoms to choose this remedy?


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