Homeopathic remedies for Rheumatism



After exposure to cold winds, or from checking perspiration, a severe chill and high fever follows. Thirst and restlessness, pulse strong, full and rapid. If free perspiration follows, the remedy should be given at longer intervals and the patient kept in bed safe from all chilling and all exposure.


Symptoms similar to Aconite, with throbbing pain in head and neck, sore throat, very hot skin with cold feet. May be drowsy and delirious with pain.


Often follows Aconite, which has reduced the fever and restlessness. Pain of Bryonia is sharp and always greatly aggravated by any motion. Cannot he moved without tense pain, joints red and painful, vertigo and faintness on rising from pillow.


When the disease involves the heart, with acute pain and cramping, clutching about heart and chest, sense of suffocation and palpitation, cold sweat on face.


In some cases with fever but no thirst. Lassitude and prostration, pain in neck and base of brain with pain and soreness of eyeballs, lids heavy.


Later stages with profuse perspiration which gives no relief, pains all worse at night, tongue heavily coated and swollen, with much saliva and offensive breath.


Pains not so severe but shifting about, with constant chilliness, not much fever, no thirst, gastric derangement with bad taste in mouth, all worse towards evening, constant craving for fresh air.

Rhus toxicodendron

One of the first to be thought of in either acute or chronic rheumatism, especially if there is a history of getting wet followed by neglect and chilling. The joints and muscles feel lame and sore with constant, aching pains which drive the patient about. Cannot keep still in bed or room and worse from damp weather, strain of heavy lifting, and bathing. Worse on beginning to move, better by continued motion. Lameness in muscles of back, better from pressure or lying on something hard. The great restlessness of limbs very characteristic.

Radium bromide

This is a comparatively new remedy but it has already furnished both in its careful proving and clinical results, the best of evidence that it is to become a most useful remedy for rheumatism and gout. The clean-cut homeopathic indications are very similar to Rhus. Thus far, clinical verifications stamp the provings as up-to-date and most trustworthy.